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Raffle for Clinton's FIP treatment

FIP was once known as fatal. As of recent, there are experimental treatments for FIP that are making leaps and bounds in the cat rescuing communities. Although effective, it is expensive. 

Clinton's story started out as our typical TNVR cat that ended up needing a full mouth tooth extraction. While in recovery, we noticed a quick and steep decline in Clinton's health. He was taken for bloodwork to find he has wet FIP. 

FIP in adult cats is rare and usually found in kittens. However, it is believed that the stress of having two surgeries is what may have caused his immune system to bring this disease out, as most cats are exposed FIP in their lives, but never show symptoms. 

Clinton's treatment is estimated to be about $2,000 and is a 6 month (minimum) treatment. To help off set his costs, we have started doing online raffles. Please join our group to see what great finds we have for you and to see Clinton's progress!



Before dental

post dental- declining stage

1/4 way through FIP treatment-he met a friend!

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